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Train to play/play to win!
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Office hours 10:00AM to 3:00PM
Midfielder Camp
**sold out**
3 days
12 hours
100's of techniques, strategies & counters 

​Playing both sides of the ball / Offense / Defense/ Transition /Footwork / Shooting/ Dodging/ Stickwork & Much More
***12 player limit per camp***

"private instruction quality in a small group setting"

Who: MS & HS Boys, 12 player limit
When: Tues 6/7 - Thurs 6/9 > 9:00 - 1:00
Where: Norcross, Indoors on turf
Register: click PayPal link to register

session 1 > stick protection; fundamentals of stick protection
session 2 > dodging; what, where, when, read & set up defenders
session 3 > time & room shooting mechanics; feet to hands
session 4 > step down shooting accuracy

session 1 > angles of attack; dodge selection, reading defenders
session 2 > shooting velocity; how to incorporate your core
session 3 > step down shooting; quick release
session 4 > shooting on the run; mechanics

session 1 > individual & team D; approaches, off-ball position - adjacent,                                crease or near man
session 2 > step down shooting applied; split-hitch, fade-hitch, screens
session 3 > shooting on the run; level 2
session 4 > applied shooting; read & react

*Due to circumstances beyond our control event times, dates & locations are subject to change due to field/facility
 availability. Credits or Refunds will only be offered if we completely cancel an event*