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Winter Box Lacrosse League

HS Boys (2 divisions) & MS Boys
Committed Teams;
Decatur, Dunwoody, St. Pius, Pace, HIES, Lanier, North Springs
Grayson, Norcross, Gainesville, Riverwood & the "House Team"
Winter Indoor Box Lacrosse League on turf. 
Individual Registration;
Individuals from the same school will be placed on the same roster.
Team Registration;
 teams must consist of at least 13 players and include a goalie 
register as an individual and you will be placed on a roster of players from your school
 unless you request a different team.
 All box lacrosse goalie gear will be provided by the league.
 Sundays, 7 weeks beginning in December.
 NSA, 4541 S. Berkeley Lake Rd. Norcross
Cost; register now for only $159
​          No refunds 


Benefits of Small Field Indoor Lacrosse

>Tight Confines
Everyone knows when space is reduced it speeds up the game and produces an environment where quicker decisions have to be made; ball handling skills are therefore amplified. Being in such an environment redefines being "open." Box players get used to catching passes routinely that field players would be yelled at for throwing. The tight confines are less impacted by the size of the field and more impacted by the size of the goal. Small goals make all the action happen in tighter spaces.

Small Field lacrosse is a simple game that develops skills to their highest level. Small Field players work on small-sided situations every game.

>The 2 Man Game
One of the staples of small field lacrosse is the utilization of 2 man games on and off the ball. It is the repetition of these 2 man plays that teach reading defense at the highest level.

>Quicker Game
The ball does not go out of bounds, is played off the boards and netting to eliminate stoppage of play and restarts thereby increasing actual playing time. All players use short sticks.

Each team will play a minimum of 7 games over the 7 week period, 1-2 games per week.
The game will consist of 5 players on the field at one time. 
No off sides
Body armor will be provided for goalies by the league. Regulation NLL 4' x 4'6" goals.
Scoreboard with clock, 2 20 minute running-time halves
Games will start on Sunday, December 4 and end on January 29.

Referee will call games by a modified version of box lacrosse rules. Rules will be provided via email.
​​*Due to circumstances beyond our control event times, dates & locations are subject to change due to field/facility
 availability. Credits or Refunds will only be offered if we completely cancel an event*

All games played at the Norcross Fury Soccer Center;
4541 South Berkeley Lake Road Norcross GA 30071
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